As a personal project, I also like to create tributes to other composers who have influenced or inspired me. There are many and neither can I list all of them here nor present all the tributes I have made so far. I chose to present my tribute to Akira Yamaoka, creator of the unique sound of the Silent Hill series, since it differs a lot in style from the rest I made.

These are the Silent Hill tributes I made:

SH Tribute 1: starts out like SH cutscene-music... then gets creepy

SH Tribute 2: tribute to the melancholic atmosphere of SH2

SH Tribute - Tunnel: tribute to the more disturbing and aggressive music of SH

SH Tribute - Cutscene 1: inspired by Yamaoka's cutscene music

SH Tribute - Cutscene 2: inspired by Yamaoka's cutscene music

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